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Liz Albert July 24, 2011


Ascendant Technology Announced as IBM’s Rational 2011 BP Innovation in Sales and Marketing Award Winner

Innovate Award

Ascendant Technology is proud to announce that it has been selected as the winner of the Rational 2011 Business Partner Innovation in Sales and Marketing Award. Chosen from several hundred eligible business partners, Ascendant was honored at the recent 2011 IBM Innovate Conference in Orlando, FL.

The success of Atech’s sales and marketing initiatives is accredited to the investment Atech has made into developing our Rational Practice as well as the great sales and delivery work of our full team.

“It is an honor for Ascendant Technology to be chosen as the recipient for this year’s award,” said Sam Fatigato, Atech CEO. “Our team culture promotes sharing best practices and innovations and we find that Rational Software enables collaboration across the software development cycle with colleagues in organizations large and small. I’d particularly like to thank Liz Albert, Director of Marketing, for her marketing leadership for not just this, but all of Atech’s recognition and awards.”

For further information on the award visit: http://www01.ibm.com/software/rational/innovate/partners/awards/

For further information on Atech’s Software Engineering expertise and IBM cross-brand strategy, visit http://www.atech.com

Enterprise Blue – Social Business in the Cloud

The cloud is quickly becoming a reality for many organizations. One area where we are seeing a big demand is in the area of Social Business. Social Business is relevant to the business day and when added to existing business processes “in context,” immediate value can be achieved. For example, imagine the value if you could add expertise location to your CRM system so the sales people can quickly locate the right people to close a deal. This is Social Business in action. Many customers want to ease their way into social and do not want to make a large up -front investment. Instead they want to try out a few use cases and grow the solution as value is achieved.

Based on market demands, Ascendant has created a line of cloud offerings called “Enterprise Blue.” With this offering we are able to run IBM software (i.e. Blue) on the cloud, and provide flexible deployment and pricing options. One of our landmark offerings is Enterprise Blue for Connections. This offering allows customers to utilise each of the great features and functions of IBM Connections in a SaaS model. We have pricing that is both user and capacity based, giving customer’s extreme flexibility. It also allows line of business executives to run Social Business pilots without involving IT.

Give it a try at http://getsocial.atech.com
For further information contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A View: Six Months after the Merger

Craig Smith, CEO Europe
With many of our customers being global entities, becoming a truly global IBM Business Partner has brought real rewards for us and them. Additionally, access to Ascendant’s assets and references and deep pool of highly skilled people are allowing us to uniquely deliver extra value to our customers. Globalizing our capability has meant that we can quickly build teams from around the world to serve customers in virtually any geography.

Anyone who has ever been involved with a merger, particularly an international one, will know the potential for culture clash but in Ascendant, Open Logic has found a complementary culture and this marriage sums to more than two.

Rob Thomas, Executive VP Sales
Six months into the merger with Open Logic, my expectations for this marriage of companies has already been exceeded. From the consultants to the sales team to the executives, the quality of the individuals is excellent. Together, we have already begun sharing best practices and key resources. We have also engaged in multiple transatlantic engagements that offer significant value to our customers and IBM. Ascendant in 2011 is stronger and better than ever, and the road is paved for continued success.

Mike Ostrowski, VP Portal & Social Business
As many of you know, we completed the merger with Open Logic in January 2011. The transition has been absolutely amazing. After spending a week in the UK meeting with customers and IBMers, I can honestly say that it is incredible how well the two organizations have blended. What is very compelling is that we are able to harvest assets and experience from each organization and leverage in other geographies. For example, the UK team has a vast amount of experience in Banking. We are able to use their knowledge and assets to help customers in the US and Brazil. Alternatively, the US team has a great deal of Healthcare experience and assets and we are able to leverage that experience in Europe and Brazil. It truly is win-win. Ascendant gets more business and our customers get best of breed knowledge and experience.

North American

View from Innovate

Atech had a very large impact at the 2011 Rational Innovate Conference in Orlando, FL. Here are some top highlights of the many activities team Atech engaged in:

RAFW highlights:

- Taking RAFW to Next Level - Advanced Use Cases - session led by David Brauneis, Rational Automation Chief Architect, was attended by over 50 customers and included the following key points:
- RAFW is ideal for new WebSphere customers who want to start right and gain benefits of accuracy, reliability, and consistency. The solution is also ideal for the largest WebSphere customers, particularly those adopting Agile development, who have frequent application deployments.
- RAFW works well with physical, virtual and Cloud deployments and has preset integration with the IBM Cloudburst Appliance.
- Recommended Atech for RAFW Extensions supporting DataPower and WebSphere Commerce V7.
- As a result of the success of this session, and Atech’s overall global success with RAFW implementations, Matt Pomroy has been invited to a NA IOT cadence call to manage progression of $14M RAFW pipeline.

Atech Team Connector (ATC) highlights:
- ATC, an integration solution between Rational Team Concert (RTC) and MS Project, fills a widely recognized gap in the Jazz portfolio.
- Under Eric Amundson’s technical leadership, ATC obtained the ‘Ready for Rational’ certification, our second certification within the Rational brand.
- IBM promoted and demoed ATC in an open session highlighting key advances in Jazz integration.
- Matt Pomroy delivered a session entitled ‘Where’s My Project Plan?’ describing the value of ATC to MS Project and RTC customers. There were over 40 attendees at the session even though it was held at 8:30am on Thursday morning (last day of the conference.)
- Read more about it here: Atech Team Connector
Overall conference highlights:
- Sam Fatigato, CEO Atech, was one of only four Innovate award winners to participate with IBM VP SW Business Partners and Mid-Market Mark Register on a panel during the Business Partner Day. The discussion was so well received that Sam was asked to speak at an IBM Asia-Pacific event in India later this year. Atech will be using this opportunity to identify partners to work with the Atech team in Chennai, and to evaluate expansion into the Asia Pacific markets.
- Matt Pomroy, VP Software Engineering Atech, accepted Atech’s Rational Award on stage during Wednesday’s Keynote, attended by nearly 6,000 conference attendees. IBM did a great job of scheduling the partner award recognition right before Grady Booch’s session on Watson playing Jeopardy game with Felicia Day.
- Multiple meetings with IBM Executives, including Robert LeBlanc (Senior VP Middleware, IBM Software), Bete Demeke (VP WW Sales, IBM Rational), and Gina Poole (VP Marketing, IBM Rational) to discuss innovative Atech solutions within the Tivoli and WebSphere brands, go-to-market plans within the Rational portfolio and additional 2011 marketing initiatives.

Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) with any questions & for more information.

Atech Environmental Management System

Ascendant Technology is excited to announce our new environmental initiatives as well as our goals for reducing waste and conserving energy. We encourage all employees to do their part in preserving our natural resources both in our homes and at the office. We have a goal to reduce our energy consumption at our Denver and Austin offices by 10% by 1 July 2012. We hope to reach this goal by turning off lights when not in use, using energy efficient light bulbs, controlling the temperature with programmable thermostats, and exchanging soft copies of invoices and contracts with our client and partners. In addition, many of our employees reduce their carbon footprint by working from home, using public transportation or biking to work when possible. Our goal is to increase our recycling efforts by 15% by July 1, 2012 which we hope to achieve by recycling our plastics and paper and reducing our overall waste output. Read the entire article here: Atech Environmental Management System

To get more information about this and other Atech internal corporate initiatives, sign up for Atech’s Enterprise Blue for Connections environment at http://getsocial.atech.com.


Atech’s Europe Website Relaunched

Atech’s Europe Website
Chris Patterson, Head of European Marketing
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Following the Open Logic and Atech merger at the beginning of the year, we have re-launched our website based around one global Atech.com infrastructure. Visitors from any of the European geographies will automatically get tailored European content (as do those from the North Americas get their own) and anyone interested in seeing other global Ascendant websites can do so by selecting the relevant region.

“Although we use our global sales & delivery capabilities to help our customers and IBM deliver on IBM software, it is important to respect local culture and differences and our European website will help us achieve this. As we establish more local capability we expect to further tailor our content to the local markets”. Chris Patterson, Head of European Marketing.

Catalyst for Commerce – Europe Commerce Practice Update

Jamie Smith, Head of Commerce Practice Europe
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We are rapidly developing the Commerce practice across Europe focusing on driving more B2B solutions based on our Best in Class award winning site for JJ Keller. Our focus is with new initiatives around Content Centric and Process Centric Commerce to pull together the strength of IBM’s brands in-line with IBM’s Smarter Commerce Strategy.

Atech continues to invest in developing expert skills globally to support the new and exciting advancements IBM delivers through the Commerce Feature Enhancement Packs. As such we have co-authored the Search Solution Overview and Deployment red book - which offers a real differentiator to clients through additional functionally whilst significantly reducing their total cost of ownership by removing the need to invest in Endeca or Omniture solutions.

Ascendant is working closely with IBM to offer clients sophisticated Content Centric Commerce solutions by leveraging our Catalyst for Commerce. Working closely with the IBM Sweden team we prepared and delivered a WebSphere Commerce and Lotus Web Content Manager client demonstration and briefing. The client architect Peter Gothager said: “After about 2 months of me trying to get this demo done, the client was finally presented with a demo that answered their Commerce/LWCM questions thanks to the Ascendant team. The demo was prepared by Ascendant with a very short lead time and finally excellently demonstrated. The Chief Architect, and Manager of Digital Media, expressed their thanks and was really happy with the demonstration.”

For further information contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Automatic for the People – Europe BPM Practice Update

Pundarik Ranchhod – Head of BPM & Integration Europe
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

REM released their 8th album in 1992, titled, Automatic for the People. Warning, tenuous link ahead: when talking about BPM, I always have that album title pop into my head.

With the Lombardi BPM capability integrated into IBM, it certainly means BPM is much more accessible to a wider audience than before. Business process automation and management is now truly for the people. The idea that regular business people can actively join in the creation and management of their business processes is a key principle of the Lombardi approach. This approach continues with IBM BPM 7.5.

Our BPM Practice in Europe is increasingly gaining momentum. Using the key principles of the Lombardi approach, and combining our expertise in systems integration with the Atech strength in creating exceptional user experiences, we’ve developed a unique approach to human centric BPM. Exceptional creative design merged with outstanding software engineering, when applied to business process automation and management, results in truly innovative solutions for our customers.