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Message about Ascendant Acquisition to Valued Customers & IBM Colleagues

Liz Albert March 26, 2012

We wanted to take this moment offer some additional details on the recently announced Avnet acquisition of Ascendant. 

It will be business as usual for Ascendant, as we will continue to invest in helping our clients and partners realize and achieve business value through IBM technologies and solutions.  Ascendant will operate as an entity of Avnet, and retain our full software and services delivery capabilities.

Ascendant has been growing at very healthy rates year after year, both through direct sales and through partnerships with other companies.  The leadership teams of Avnet and Ascendant realized that our unmatched capabilities and skills should be more broadly available to an increased number of customers, creating more opportunities for growth for our partner IBM, our business partners, our customers and our employees.  We also intend to deliver more extensive, fuller solutions to our existing clients, including hardware and Cloud-based solutions, as applicable. 

Being acquired by Avnet will allow our services and offerings to become more broadly available to an increased number of customers in existing regions, in countries around the globe, and in markets and regions where we do not have a presence today.  This will also help us accelerate further expansion of our services portfolio based on IBM technology and increase access to the ecosystem of partner solutions available to our customers.

Avnet was attracted to Ascendant based on the value added services we provide to our existing clients and we intend to continue to do all of the things you have come to expect from Ascendant.

Please contact me directly with any immediate questions and Ascendant looks forward to our mutual continued success!