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Bekins Van Lines, LLC provides relocation and transportation solutions directly to the private consumer, U.S. Military and Government programs and for corporate relocation. Founded in 1891, Bekins has a long history of being a leading relocation service provider for the limited budget (lump sum) customer. Bekins is focused on bringing the latest technology to its transportation service programs to maximize our customers’ service value and budget efficiencies.

Identified technology need:

Bekin VanLines’ workforce is comprised of a mobile team of transportation specialists that are required to meet various federal and corporate guidelines when making deliveries and pickups. Given the nature of their work, and the strict timelines the team is required to maintain, Bekins needed to develop a solution that would greatly reduce propensity to human error and also increase efficiency for its force of drivers.  Additionally, Bekins was looking to develop a tool that could act as a further means of employee recruitment and retention.  Traditionally within the transportation industry, it is a challenge to maintain a consistent and reliable workforce.  Bekins needed to develop additional means of attraction that would set it apart from it’s competitors and further encourage employees to choose employment at Bekins.

Bekins also had identified a need to reduce it’s corporate carbon footprint and overuse of natural resources (including tons of unnecessary paper materials.)  As a corporation that relies of fuel for it’s corporate success, they recognized the need to examine overall use of natural resources and maximize efficiency within its choice of transportation routes and cargo loads.  Through the development of a solution that was electronically based rather than paper-based, the corporation would be further reducing its reliance on additional natural resources, a key problem Bekins sought to remedy with the mobile solution. 

e-Business Solution:

Bekins VanLines Driver Activity Real Time (DART) is a mobile application, written specifically for the Blackberry 9000 and iPhone v3 but accessible from any mobile device, which enables drivers and employees of Bekins VanLines to electronically submit relevant information regarding their load pickups and deliveries without need for additional paper backup or verbal communication to corporate facilities.  This application is unique to the industry and was developed specifically to address both the transportation industries challenges with employee retention as well as rising concerns for environmental sustainability.

Further the application allows Bekins to provide up-to-date communication to its disparate force of drivers, creating a previously unattainable method of corporate communication. 


The solution immediately increased accurate communication between Bekins team members, their counterparts, and the corporate team, as they are now able to stay connected via the mobile interface from their various locations around the United States.  This increase in communication has enabled change in the organization to occur with greater speed and in a more precise manner.  No longer are mobile team members virtually separated from important strategic data being communicated to the team.  As a result, any necessary changes for business continuity can now be made swiftly at an enterprise level.

Operational efficiency has increased among the team as well.  As the solution enables the team with a swift and reliable data submission tool, Bekins team members are able to efficiently submit accurate reports and provide a higher quality of service to valued clients.  Additionally, Bekins drivers are no longer burdened with tedious paperwork that was contributing to low employee retention and satisfaction levels.  The solution has created higher employee morale and drastically changed Bekins level of turnover within it’s trucking workforce.