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Unimed Curitiba (Brazil) holds 60% of the region market share in Healthcare Services.  They looked to create a B2C solution allowing for better communication with users, easier maintenance of the system, and a platform that made for reliable and cost-effective future upgrades.

The Challenge

The old site lacked the customization and flexibility to drive specific content to identified users.  The static nature of the content management prevented the personalization customers have come to expect online.  How could Unimed focus their message to be relevant without increasing update and content management tie and cost?

Needs To Be Addressed:

  • Health care Patient Management and Billing
  • Document management, security and compliance
  • Digital Signatures and Validation
  • B2B collaboration
  • Web Content publishing available to business users
  • Redesign of company branding

The Strategy

The solution for Unimed was developed in a 12 week process filled with interviews and analysis of the primary stakeholders and their technical and business needs.  The specific needs included:

  • Commitment to keep content in the hands of the business users.
  • Desire to encourage real communication with customers
  • Adapting the visual identity of the site to nationwide Unimed standards.
  • Widen and track the channels of communication for customers and members

Technical Solution

Ascendant launched the new Portal Unimed Curitiba technology using IBM Websphere Portal and WCM content publisher.  Bringing experience design to the new visual identity increased the appeal of the site, while implementation of IBM technology increased security and robustness.  With a new agile and dynamic portal, medical members experienced expanded access.  Beneficiaries, providers, and suppliers benefited from a modern interface designed for their needs.

In addition, the project encompassesthe IBM Lotus Web Content Management software, Lotus Quickr and Lotus Sametime, which have improved the collaboration of Unimed Curitiba with its members.

The Result

The content management features loom large in the success of the site.  Both internal and external sites can quickly be updated by information owners within the business.  The content also looks spectacular, as the flexible but standardized layouts increase speed and security in making changes.  Among other primary benefits we saw:

  • Smooth migration assessment and implementation
  • Functional business requirements engineering and design leading to on-time delivery
  • Integration of management system interface to the portal
  • Technical architecture assessments decreased risk of project rework and failure.
  • Full life cycle portal development delivered on budget
  • Major upgrades to look and feel of the site to boost adoption and mediate attention

The Future

The Portal infrastructure in place, in addition to being a live site is now ready to host the intranet systems and applications.  Social networking capabilities are plannedas a next step. And new channels of co-operation are planned with user and stakeholders.