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Global Commerce for Retail

Many large, international retailers face a problem of unaligned ecommerce strategies across different countries and mobile platforms.  Through Global Commerce for Retail, Avnet Services can provide a more cost effective solution through proven methodologies, custom development and templates for global and multichannel commerce.  Retailers can simplify and improve the way they market and sell their products via IBM Smarter Commerce and IBM Mobile Foundation solutions while also becoming more agile in responding to changes in the global multichannel marketplace.

Avnet Services provides an industry proven methodology, a software framework and prescriptive mentoring for organizations seeking to extend the capabilities of their current commerce platform across new mobile platforms and internationally, with emphasis on planning for the nuances of site features (payments, taxes, fulfillment, mobile device access) in various worldwide regions.  Avnet Services will plan and customize IBM Smarter Commerce and IBM Mobile Foundation solutions in order to provide a rich, meaningful, and personally interactive experience to a geographically diverse base of retail customers accessing your site through a wide range of devices worldwide.  Avnet Services will create a roadmap that combines the out-of-the-box, pre-enabled retail capabilities of Commerce software with our highly collaborative mentoring approach to technical implementation.

This solution will provide a customer-centric retail experience that will serve multiple geographic locations and types of mobile devices, all built with a single “Global Template” in mind, but optimized to for the regions/territories/devices from which the retail solution is accessed worldwide.  Our methodology will promote the rapid and early delivery of a successful, mobile-optimized, international ecommerce platform.  Optimization of features and integrations across regions and mobile devices worldwide allows best-of solutions to be used locally (wherever that may be) at prices lower than the “one-solution fits all” approach of driving worldwide online retail from the headquarters location.  Avnet Services consultants provide multinational and mobile development knowledge, skills and best practices along with retail-specific expertise and knowledge to improve user experience and site performance in unique regions and mobile platforms around the globe.