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Catalyst for Commerce and Community

Catalyst for Commerce

Avnet Services Catalyst SM for Commerce provides true time-to-value by allowing seamless integration with WebSphere Commerce and content providers. It empowers business users such as product and marketing managers to handle content needs without involving IT resources.

Most corporate websites are made up of a mixture of both structured and unstructured content, usually stored in a database or a content repository. Integrating this content into new and existing e-Commerce systems can be a daunting challenge. The Catalyst SM for Commerce service offering available for WebSphere Commerce 6.x and newer uses standards based XML syndication to consume content feeds from other applications. The third party content is stored in the WebSphere Commerce authoring server and can then be used to drive content and design for all pages on your site.


  • Seamless integration for the end user requiring no additional tools to learn beyond base WebSphere Commerce Management Console
  • Standards based xml feeds
  • Integrates with Workplace Web Content Management or any 3rd party content Management System that has the ability to provide content feeds
  • Associate 3rd party content with categories, products, content spots and espots
  • Deliver page layouts and dynamic content easily
  • Deployed on the WebSphere Commerce authoring server, propagation to production occurs using base WebSphere Commerce functionality
  • Scheduled jobs consume the remote feeds on a predefined schedule updating them in WebSphere Commerce
  • Easy to deploy and configure

Catalyst for Communities

A March 2010 Nielsen Study (http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/consumer/global-online-shopping-report)showed that while most people still turn to family and friends for shopping recommendations, 57% use the internet to look for reviews online.  After buying, these same users often post a review themselves or share the information through Twitter, Facebook, and other social messaging.  The information they share, even within their relatively small spheres of influence, can significantly influence purchase behavior.

Catalyst for Communities™ helps place your customer at the center of your business and gives you the ability to transform Consumers to Prosumers. The Avnet Services Solution does this by leveraging IBM Lotus Social Connections offering. This solution empowers your eMarketing Team to leverage Wikis, Blogs, Social Tagging, and User profiles with your on line product catalog to create targeted marketing campaigns and collaborative content to convert browsers to buyers. The business impact will influence conversion rate, product reputation and site visits and traffic to your site. Catalyst for Communities™ is designed to quickly provide seamless links between IBM WebSphere Commerce and the IBM Social Connections offering:

Features Include:

  • Seamless integration into the IBM WebSphere Commerce Management Center
  • Leverages open standards based Atom xml feeds
  • Provides the ability to associate user driven content with Categories, Products,
    Content and eSpots
  • Places customer at the center of Marketing, Sales, and R&D campaigns
  • Allows for “Profile/Community Shopping” to show what others in the community are promoting and purchasing
  • KickApps power reviews
  • OPENID authentication for website sign-in
  • Allows for “Social Tagging” of content and product catalog
  • Allows you capture consumer behavior data to make better recommendations
  • Allows you to build a social network centered around your products
  • Easy to deploy and configure