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DataPower Automation Framework

As your DataPower appliances become an integral part of your Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) infrastructure, you’ll need to develop a flexible application deployment framework that can keep pace with your services while maintaining the integrity of your procedures for administration, project management and deployment.

Avnet Services has developed an enterprise configuration management automation framework designed to handle configuration and deployment of service proxies for WebSphere DataPower appliances.

DataPower Automation Framework (DPAF) Features:

  • A reusable, extendable framework for automation, built on open standards
  • A defined business process for automation efficiency
  • A configuration management framework
  • A deployment automation framework
  • Easily extendable framework
  • Ability to preserve environment specific data through integration with source control systems
  • Staff enablement that includes overall education and training, as well as detailed instructions on how to extend and maintain the framework

Technical Benefits:

  • Consistency during the collection and deployment of services across multiple project timelines
  • Repeatable deployment processes
  • Reductions in human error and human intervention required during deployments
  • Reduced cost in preparation and maintenance of “run books”
  • Better control over configuration changes in the environment including the ability to more efficiently enforce standards across the enterprise

Business Benefits:

  • Greater adoption of DataPower appliances leading to more reuse of SOA assets, improved security and governance, and improved business metrics
  • Reduced costs of supporting appliances
  • Reduced time required to complete deployments for administrators, project managers and business stakeholders
  • Reduced cost as a result of inherent efficiencies of the automation framework