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Social is here. The Cloud is here. Where are you?

Enterprise BlueHarness the knowledge of your enterprise with the world-class social computing platform from IBM Lotus, combined with a turnkey, managed and hosted environment on the Amazon cloud.

Empower workers to be more effective, responsive and innovative within the context of business.

Communicate and Collaborate with customers, suppliers, and external/remote workers.

Social Analytics, Tagging, Following, Networks, Automated and Individually Personalized Newsletter Subscriptions & Notifications

Our Social Software practice is a merger of our IBM Lotus Connections technical practice and our Digital Business Services (DBS) practice. Our IBM Software team provides deep technical IBM software expertise including vast experience with Lotus Connections. Our DBS team provides the softer skills such as Usability, Social Software Strategy, and Social Software Governance and Adoption.

Enterprise Blue is backed by our Managed Services team to provide 24 X 7 support.

To see Enterprise Blue in action, go to http://getsocial.atech.com!

Enterprise Blue