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Lotus Forms and FileNet Synchronizer

FileNet customers face the challenge of rendering a form on the internet without privileges to do so. The Lotus Forms Web Synchronizer for FileNet leverages the power of Lotus Forms to allow public internet access to forms outside of the firewall. Lotus Forms can then publish back to the internet via WebSphere XD or WebSphere Portal. Using Avnet Services’ Synchronizer, a seamless integration of FileNet ECM capabilities with the Lotus Forms web interface is achieved. The Lotus Forms data are then stored in a secured place behind the firewall.

Needs Addressed:

  • Allows public internet access to Forms outside of the firewall
  • Lotus Forms can leverage the power of ECM including Content Engine, Business Process Manager and Records Management
  • Tight integration of FileNet BPM and Lotus Forms web interface makes the storage and workflow initiation occur seamlessly for the user

IBM products

  • FileNet P8 4.5.x
  • Lotus Forms 3.5