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OmniFind Universal Connector

OmniFind customers face the limitation of only being able to search the data sources supported out of the box. There is also no simple, documented process for adding support for a custom data source. Avnet Services’ OmniFind Universal Connector Framework offers a simple, cost efficient method for extending OmniFind to allow customers to search alternate data sources. Our framework allows companies to leverage their existing IT investments, avoiding costly new investments and data migrations just for search. A manageable framework to extend OmniFind allows customers to have a single enterprise search system for all different data sources that may exist within the organization.

Needs Addressed:

  • Rapid integration with 3rd party sources not supported with the OOTB OmniFind.
  • Support for security integration

Key Capabilities:

  • Easy to use framework
  • Hides the complexities of Omnifind API and provides a quick turnaround time for building custom data sources and plugins.

IBM Products

  • IBM OmniFind Enterprise Edition 8.4 IBM
  • OmniFind Enterprise Edition 8.5
  • WebSphere Information Integrator