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Simulations Software Visualizations

The growth in the sophistication of technical visualization and simulation software in the last decade has finally given site designers the ability to aggregate business, technical, marketing, SEO, action, and design needs into a single model for inspection, end user testing and stakeholder approval prior to full coding.

Website simulation allows projects to “fail fast.”  Prototyping key site features and content rapidly engages end-users with a visual confirmation of their requirements.  The hand-off that typically occurs between requirements and development lends itself to a high propensity for confusion and failure.  With simulation, challenges are caught prior to the launch date. 

The Digital Business Services team captures information from reusable insights, personas, use cases and design patterns and transfers that knowledge into a simulation tool to forecast expected results prior to coding.  This level of sophistication allows for maximum flexibility during design, enhanced testing for results-oriented architecture, and even faster signoff for aesthetic brand and identity standards validators.

The use of models, blueprints and prototypes of sites provides a simple communication tool for the creative division to ensure all business goals are met and business insight applied prior to delivery.