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Smarter Commerce 360 Analytics

Avnet Services prides itself on being able to align Business & Technology within organizations, providing technically exceptional solutions for our customers.  We are now extending this expertise into our Smarter Commerce business.  Ascendant is creating Smarter Commerce solutions that are robust, complete and agile. 

From strategy to implementation, from reporting/results to a new or modified strategy, Avnet Services is enabling your business and technology teams to discover crucial trends and details within your website’s data.  With Smarter Commerce 360 Analytics you will discover what works, what doesn’t, and what is resonating deeply with your customers. 

Smarter Commerce 360 Analytics extends both new and existing commerce implementations by introducing Coremetrics Analytics data, providing business strategy, planning, design and analysis.  In conjunction with implementation Coremetrics, Smarter Commerce 360 also provide expert technology skills surround the implementation of the technology. 

With the Smarter Commerce 360 offering, Avnet Services provides deep level analytics leadership through the expertise of Avnet Services’ Digital Business Service’s (DBS) team.  The DBS team is dedicated to customer interviews, heuristic website reviews, competitive analysis and analytics best practices.  The analytics strategy implemented in conjunction with a WebSphere Commerce environment allows for simple customer and marketing focused adjustments, resulting in clear measures of reportable success.  With the addition of the Coremetrics Analytics tools, a WebSphere Commerce environment becomes increasingly seamless, scalable and powerful.

Features Include:

  • Seamless Integration of IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM Coremetrics
  • Customer Traffic Analysis
  • Real time Key Performance Indicators.
  • Benchmarks and intelligence regarding the performance of your peers and competitors.
  • Powerful, industry leading marketing attribution capabilities.
  • Convenient access from the web user interface, Excel, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.
  • Localization for languages and currencies across the globe.
  • Award winning service and support praised by industry analysts and, more importantly, praised by our clients