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IDEA™ Solution Framework Brought To You By Ascendant Technology

Gaps between business ideation and technical execution often threaten the ability to successfully foster innovation and solutions in a timely and efficient manner. As a result, technical objectives may not necessarily be linked to KPIs or business value. There is often an inherent tension that exists between business and IT caused by a lack of understanding of each others’ languages, processes and perspectives and needs.

Fragmented IT environments can result in lower agility as teams continually have to start from scratch, re-do pieces along the way, learn about new technologies, figure out what or how something was previously done to avoid cascading problems and breakages and manage multiple requests with tight resources. Users are often brought into the process late in the solution test cycle rather than earlier to drive design for usability. The solution is a process called visual thinking. Here’s a rough sketch, an example of how visual thinking can help clarify goals and process.

IDEA Framework

Using Ascendant Technology’s IDEA Solution Framework provides an agile, end-to-end insight driven approach throughout the development cycle. This approach bridges gaps that can exist between business objectives and technical execution, allowing business stakeholders, IT implementers and end-users to improve performance and provide exceptional web experiences. Clients launch great ideas in less time, with reduced risk and expense.

Key Capabilities

  • IDEA Solution Framework,
    • Atech’s insight driven methodology puts ideas into play, faster, cheaper and safer, ensuring a value based business and measurement process for regulating critical points of alignment between business stakeholders, users and IT throughout the development lifecycle, especially during critical handoffs
    • Deep expertise in IBM software means that we thoroughly understand the technical requirements for implementing IBM software, while our business teams understand how best to leverage the IBM portfolio to address business requests. We are well versed in designing for technical feasibility based on the IBM products, which can be a source of disconnect when using separate vendors for design versus implementation
    • Digital Strategy ensures everyone works from a single, clearly defined vision and roadmap that has measurable linkage back to business objectives.
    • Insight Driven Experience Design ensures there aren’t gaps between what users need and expect and what is designed and implemented in the final solution
    • Advanced Visualization Techniques ensure that all stakeholder and end-user requirements are clear, user centered and agreed upon before development begins
    • Stringent Requirements Engineering tightly links business ideas to technical execution with thorough requirements definition and management; also ensures that design is technically feasible
    • Software Delivery Automation speeds time to market by streamlining communication and hand-offs between development and operations teams
    • Continuous Quality Management ensures your critical systems are error free, secure and fast.

In addition, Ascendant Technology helps clients create business agility by ensuring that the use of technology increases the speed to innovate and is implemented to meet on the business value desired. We help organizations continually gain fresh insights over time to improve performance by taking into consideration the following:

  • Measurement Strategy and Frameworks documents how the technology solution improvements to features and functions map to corporate objectives/results
  • Solutions Architecture Approach looks at the core elements of applications put in place and mapping them to a longer term roadmap, ensuring that the technology for current projects can be enhanced in future projects
  • Business and Technical Accelerators speeds up project implementations by leveraging repeatable processes, practices and code developed from a history of solving similar challenges in related industries
  • Managed Services and Hosting provides flexibility and choice for businesses to put solutions in play faster when they don’t have the resources or expertise to manage the solutions in-house

Business and Technology Experts

  • Alignment of business and technical expertise from project start to ensure that both business and IT stakeholders are working from the same playbook and project implementers stay aligned throughout the project
  • Enables clients to tap into a vast pool of knowledge, best practices and experienced resources (business and technical) to speed decision-making and avoid pitfalls throughout the project lifecycle from business ideation through technical implementation.