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How We Do It

Solutions Architecture

Solutions Architecture is the foundation for business and IT alignment, inventorying and identifying existing solution components and processes and mapping those components against desired future state to build the go-forward solution roadmap. Using these findings and a service orientation perspective enables Avnet Services to support customer programs in a more agile environment capable of rapidly responding to business needs.

Avnet Services’ Solutions Architecture Approach represents a long-term way of thinking about enterprise components as a combination with patterns of reusable services that fit together. It is a model that lets us help clients map out how to get started with service orientation by leveraging current project opportunities. Using this approach we also use the reference architecture and maturity models to help clients create blueprints for building upon the changes.

Key Capabilities:

  • Service Layered Approach: Model crucial functionality as discreet business or technical services; save time and money and speed time to market by reusing discreet services as the building blocks for applications (solve the problem once, then reuse the services); standardization also helps to create application stability by avoiding unknown cascading effects of changes
  • Reference architecture: Provides clients with a place to start making changes. Solves disconnects on the technology side by looking at all core elements of applications and putting a strategy together using each project as a building block
  • Best Practices: Providing customers the benefit of our over 500 implementations and a decades worth of accumulated lessons learned to help our customers avoid common pitfalls
  • Value added services: Linking tools together to deliver new functionality and respond to business needs/requests, such as Personalization, campaigning to users, all based on non-invasive progressive profiling techniques
  • Maturity model: As business priorities change and the IT process continues to mature, we can help clients understand where they are in their SOA maturity level