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Filenet Environment Cloning

Your organization has spent a significant amount of time perfecting the FileNet P8 platform (creating document classes and properties, adjusting the user interface and developing workflows) and as a result, your FileNet usage has vastly increased.  Through all of these various iterations, it is common for the testing environments to come out of sync with production.

Your production server is the life blood of your organization.  Any downtime due to preventable errors is unacceptable in an age that counts dollars in milliseconds.  As an organization improves their systems, they typically move a new product through several server environments to insure that any issues are caught before arriving at the production server.  These environments may include development, test/integration and staging.

Environment cloning is the perfect way to insure that your environments stay in sync.  By starting with a master environment, Ascendant has developed custom applications and techniques to create an exact virtual replica of your server.


  • Cut costs for a new FileNet installation.
  • Identical deployment for each environment: Development, Test, Staging, Production.  Since the environments are cloned, all the data will be identical.
  • Error reduction by mirroring each environment rather than ad-hoc installation.
  • Rapid deployment: no more waiting months before you can reap the benefits of our purchase

IBM Products

  • FileNet P8
  • FileNet Content Manager (CM)
  • FileNet Business Process Manager (BPM)
  • FileNet eForms

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