Avnet Services:IBM

What We Do

Digital Strategy

Ascendant Technology’s Digital Business Services is a highly collaborative team of digital strategy thought leaders, skilled user experience design professionals, and stringent requirements engineering practitioners.  At our core we believe that end users do not use an application or website to help a business drive revenue or cut costs. They use devices, web sites and applications to accomplish a task, whether that is completing a work assignment, publishing content to their user account, or interacting with friends on a social destination after buying a new pair of shoes from their favorite online retailer.

Design Agency = Technology Systems Integrator: The Recipe for Success

Many companies invest significant funds in technology solutions just to find themselves over budget, with lots of technology and no user-friendly solution. Typically when an implementation fails, the problem is not that the technology didn’t work, it’s that it wasn’t implemented in a way that satisfied the needs of the business or end user. Avnet Services fills the void between design agency and technology systems integrator by being uniquely both.

Our digital business services team is a passionate group of designers, architects and digital risk managers that works with each project team to ensure the solution we’re building is the right one. We do this through:

  • digital strategy that ensures adoption, measurable solutions and ROI.
  • requirements definition & management
  • user research & insight into user behavior and mental models
  • prototyping and simulation.
  • interface design & development across web and mobile devices

Our Holistic Approach Delivers More Value for Your Money

By understanding from the beginning what your business is trying to accomplish and how users interact, we’re able to give you accurate pricing that reflects the total cost of ownership. We adhere to that pricing by delivering iterative releases where you will get to see and interact with the product in the early stages and provide feedback into the evolving solution. This also enables us to measure effectiveness and adapt without expensive and time-consuming replans.

“Avnet Services is very skilled at understanding a business problem and then creating, implementing and building a very usable solution that really works for our customers.  They can take the IBM products and do things that we never even thought of when we created them. They also have the unique ability to give customers a vision of how it will all work together.” Faye Dedrick, Software IT Architect, IBM