Avnet Services:IBM

What We Do

Experience Design

Experience design focuses on creating an exceptional web experience for the end-user.  Our teams target value, relevance and significance to the client as key guides for design. 

A well managed project greatly enhances the opportunities for adoption, use and engagement for portal and e-commerce sites, without sacrificing creative and unique graphic design.  The key challenge is to understand user mental models and translate the vague notions and wishes of project stakeholders into miniature models or prototypes that accurately reflect need without compromising desire.  From there the team translates those models into blueprints that developers understand and use to build the solution.

Needs Addressed

  • The Understanding of End-User Mental Models (Cognitive and Behavioral Research)
  • Usability Testing
  • Creative and Graphic Design
  • The Structure of the User Interface (Information Architecture)
  • How the User Moves Through the User Interface (Interaction Design)
  • User Interface Development (HTML, CSS, RIA)

User Research and Insight

  • To design high-performing, user-friendly solutions, we need to understand the goals and behaviors of the user. Leveraging a variety of  research techniques we model user behavior and design a solution that will generate preferred outcomes.
  • Using research techniques like listening labs, one-on-one interviews, contextual inquiry and surveys, we gather insight and data that enables us to generate actionable insight for your projects. We create user profiles and personas, as well as a variety of user and task models that provide “faces” and clarity about user segments and interaction patterns that deliver tangible guidance to inform our design decisions.


  • Avnet Services’ benchmarking services include usability testing, expert (heuristic) reviews, prototype testing and competitive analysis. Whether measuring user time on task, shopping cart experience, or looking at competitive data, we can help you set a benchmark for improvement that provides a baseline for results measurement post-launch.

Information Architecture and Interaction Design:

  • We employ research techniques to ensure that site navigation and interaction patterns are designed for the optimal usability and conversion. Our seasoned user experience architects analyze this information to create navigation models, wireframes and interaction design flows. These insights are the blueprints for our creative team for user interface design.

Simulation and Prototyping:

  • Our rapid simulation and prototyping services help marketers and end-users visualize new functionality and design early in the project development cycle. Visualizations enable a variety of activities including stakeholder reviews, participatory design, training development and usability testing before expending resources on programming, reducing uncertainty and risk.