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What We Do

Social Business

Technology Has Changed How Organizations & People Interact and Operate

Social collaboration has emerged as the information hub for customers, employees and business partners alike.  Enterprises are leveraging technology capabilities to drive cost savings, operational efficiency and revenue increases.  When information is delivered to the right people at the right time, organizations are able to anticipate and react to change faster than their competitors.

Avnet Services specializes in designing, developing and integrating portals, websites and social media technology to foster the kinds of conversations and behaviors that create game-changing shifts in how you do business.

Socialize the Enterprise™

We believe your investment in technology should pay for itself. Avnet Services’ Socialize the Enterprise™ offering accelerates the implementation and adoption of social business environments.  We have helped more than 800 companies deliver stable and user-friendly portal and social capabilities and, in the process, have packaged the best methodologies, design, and software artifacts into technical assets that will make your implementation faster and cheaper.

The Avnet Services Difference

Our success in affecting social change and adoption is attributable to our key differentiator:  We’re both an interactive agency and a technology company.  Our approach ties end-to-end, cross-channel customer interactions into a consistent experience, so no matter how your users engage, it is complementary, rewarding and favorable to your brand.  Our solutions engage, connect, inform and retain users by applying:

  • user-driven design
  • creative and usability best practices
  • SEO and SEM
  • business process improvement
  • mobile and social media strategies

“We are applying social collaboration to connect the worldwide workforce of a Fortune 100 company. Avnet Services is absolutely excellent at performing due diligence to determine the best solution, capturing the proper requirements for a successful build, and creating visualization with wireframes and clickable prototyping so the customer can actually touch and feel what the end product will look like before going into production.  If it were up to me I’d have Avnet Services on every project.”  Scott Oliverio, Consultant, Capability Delivery Manager for Collaboration