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What We Do

CMMI & Software Engineering Assessments

Gain Visibility Into Your People, Processes and Technology

It’s difficult to improve your performance if you don’t know your starting point. Avnet Services offers a variety of assessments and appraisals to benchmark your company and identify areas where change will impact your bottom line the most.

As a Software Engineering Institute (SEI) partner, Avnet Services leverages the Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI)  to perform a comprehensive, best-practices-based assessment of your organization. The result is a detailed comparison of your software engineering, project management, and process management capabilities benchmarked against other software engineering organizations. The findings can then be used to guide and measure an improvement or Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) transformation effort, significantly increasing your probability of success.

What We Offer

  • Project Retrospective/Lessons Learned assesses how a project can be improved going forward.
  • Cost of Quality (CoQ) gives you a clear snapshot of the financial impact inefficiencies are having on your organization.
  • Tool Usage Analysis audits which tools are being used in the organization and to what extent.
  • Software Inspections, Code Reviews, Size, Complexity gives you visibility into the health and quality of your code.
  • Personnel Alignment measures employee alignment to the organization’s strategic goals and objectives.

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