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DevOps Optimization Services

Unify Delivery and Operations Processes for Quicker Time to Market

Software engineering and systems administration teams have historically worked separately, even though their functions and objectives are inextricably intertwined. The typical scenario has been that dev builds a solution and throws it over the fence to ops to implement, creating both inefficiencies and ill will. The term “DevOps” arises from the recognition that aligning the processes of the two disciplines delivers greater value to the business.

Avnet Services’ DevOps consulting helps organizations transcend cultural and organizational barriers to achieve better communication and collaboration, resulting in more efficient processes and faster time to market. We combine Agile development with Rational and Tivoli software to introduce best practices and tooling that integrate development and operations efforts, allowing you to nimbly respond to today’s ever-changing market conditions.

    Avnet Services’ DevOps offerings include:
  • Rational Automation Framework (RAF) Quick Win Pilot
  • Rational Build Forge Quick Win Pilot
  • IBM Workload Deployer (IWD) Implementation
  • Release Process Assessment
  • DevOps Strategy Workshop

The Rational Automation Framework Experts

The Rational Automation Framework (RAF) is a product offering from IBM Rational that enables you to scale scarce admin resources along with your growing middleware environment.  Avnet Services invented much of the underlying technology and has delivered dozens of implementations around the world.

    When should you consider RAF?
  • Defects caused by conguration drift are frequent & costly
  • Manual application deployments are time consuming & error-prone
  • Middleware operations teams are overwhelmed with manual& tedious administrative tasks
    Why should you consider RAF?
  • 80% time savings in repetitive tasks
  • 30% personnel/productivity savings across the development team
  • Typical ROI in 3-6 months
    Common uses:
  • Configuration drift avoidance and detection
  • Environment build out acceleration
  • Middleware Version Migrations
  • Rapid, scalable application deployments
  • Coordinated propagation of configuration changes to multiple targets

Avnet Services’ RAF Extensions

Avnet Services continues to innovate in the IBM DevOps arena by providing RAF extensions for the following IBM middleware platforms:

  • WebSphere BPM Suite v 7.5
    • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced: Process Server 7.5
    • IBM Business Process Manager Advanced: Process Center 7.5
    • IBM Business Process Manager Standard 7.5
    • WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus 7.5
  • WebSphere Commerce Server 6 & 7
  • Datapower

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