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What We Do

Software Testing

Spend Your Time On Innovation Rather Than Chasing Defects

As the leading global implementer of WebSphere Portal and WebSphere Commerce solutions, we know a thing or two about testing. Our globally distributed testing team bullet-proofs every web solution we deliver, both from a functional and performance perspective.

    We also provide testing services to our Software Engineering customers including:
  • Project Staffing
  • Test Management Strategy
  • Outsourced Independent Testing
  • Automated Performance & Functional Testing
  • SOA Testing

Why Avnet Services?

  • Our proven performance testing methodology ensures efficient execution and accurate results
  • Hybrid on-shore off-shore delivery model delivers within your budget
  • We are the Rational Testing tool experts

Performance Health Check

Avnet Services’ PHC provides an ala carte menu of application performance assessments, each targeted to meet your specific optimization objectives. In all cases our team of professionals will work with you to understand your symptoms of poor system performance, diagnose the core issues causing these symptoms and ultimately prescribe a set of actionable remedies.

    Choose one or any combination of the following assessments:
  • Load & Scalability Assessment E.G. Does the application respond within 5 seconds at a load of 500 concurrent users processing 5000 business transactions per hour?
  • Capacity Assessment E.G. Will the system support our company’s growth Rate of 30% per annum?
  • Stress Assessment E.G. Will 5000 Concurrent Hits crash my system?
  • Failover & Endurance Assessment E.G. How will 100 active users be affected if a new build is released during business hours? Does the response time degrade if there are 100 concurrent users active on the system for 24 hours?
  • End-2-End Performance Assessment What’s the impact on other dependent or superlative applications given an update of a core system?

Test from the Cloud!

Don’t have the time, capacity or budget to stand up an internal performance testing environment?  Let us deliver your PHC using cloud technology to generate regular and peak traffic load representing actual usage.

    Why use the cloud?
  • No internal hardware/IT overhead
  • Pay as you go -minimal up front costs
  • Scales massively and globally
  • Fast startup, tear down

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