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What We Do

Business Connectivity

The Integrated Solutions Group synchronizes information across divergent applications and divergent business process. Our core methodology for analyzing and implementing application connectivity allows your enterprise to address the challenges and opportunities associated with information management across and through separate systems. Whether you are creating an Integrated Portal, implementing a service oriented architecture (SOA) or managing critical documents within your organization, Avnet Services can help you get a grip on the heavy lifting.

The basic rules of connectivity result in a simple requirement: give people access to an accurate, timely, unified view of information across all parts of their business. Enterprises function through a combination of computer systems, running on many operating systems, using data stored in many databases. Connecting the end user to the information requires technical understanding of information management. The data must be identifiable and accessible to end users in the business process, which spans these multiple systems and sometimes even external partners.

Atech’s Connect solutions address the tasks necessary to reduce the time and cost associated with application and system integration. Using our extensive industry vertical experience as a starting point, we deliver a solution that works for your unique business requirements.


  • Business Process Management
  • Back Office integration
  • Systems Integration
  • Application Integration and document management
  • Business Infrastructure and Transformation