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What We Do

Business Process Management

Gain the Agility to Take Products to Market Faster While Reducing Operational Costs

Every organization’s goal is to meet or exceed their customer’s expectations. Even in a perfect environment, the inability to quickly change processes to accommodate customer needs results in cost increases, creating additional issues for an integrated, measurable and optimized solution. Successful implementation of BPM will solve these issues with increased worker productivity and streamlined operations using automation, improving key business outcomes while providing visibility into your process.

Why Avnet Services for BPM?

As an award-winning leader in Business Process Management, Avnet Services provides BPM solutions that help your company achieve organizational goals. Avnet Services is positioned to assist in areas such as vision and strategy, architecture and development and integrations and migrations.

Aligning business and technology is at the heart of our BPM success. When implemented as a straight technology solution, organizations often miss the mark of meeting business needs because they fail to factor in the people side. As a unique combination of interactive agency and technology integrator, Avnet Services takes into account the business and user needs that drive the technology solution so you get the most out of your BPM implementation. 
Whether you are starting a new implementation, re-engineering existing business processes, or migrating/upgrading your software, our BPM specialists help you maximize value with innovative implementations that follow industry-proven best practices.

Key Capabilities

  • Migration assessment and implementation
  • Process engineering discipline
  • Technical architecture assessments
  • BPM Health Check
  • Full lifecycle BPM development from process discover to deployment
  • Industry expertise in healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and the public sector